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Boom and Zoom are on Crater Moon!
Their job is to make this moon green
--and your job is to help them!

Many Ways to Enjoy!

  • A coloring activity for home or travel
  • You can color it and send it as a customized birthday card
  • Send it uncolored as a 'color-me birthday activity card'

White envelope included
Card size closed: 5"x7"
Comes with three inserts to color.

PopDown® Color-Me Lesson 1

Color for Yourself

  • How old will your be on your next birthday?
  • Color in that number of candles.

PopDown® Color-Me Lesson 2

Color for A Friend's Birthday

  • How old will your friend be?
  • Color in that number of candles and send as a birthday card.

This is a Story Card.
Story on the back.


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